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    "Rise.  Shine.  Reach outside yourself.  Wake and discover the dreams you are capable of when you aren’t sleeping.  May they keep you up at night.  Marvel at how big they are and witness what they can become.  Grow with your ambitions.  Flex on those who doubt.  Nourish no bad seeds.  No black can’ts.  No black don’ts.  No black maybes.  You will.  Stretch so that the tension is too great-Become greater.  You do not have to dance to choreograph your next steps.  Just make sure you get your sun.  Black boys.  Black girls.  Your cage is too small to hold you forever.  Show them"

    - Dexter R. Jones

    Dancer | Model: Felicia limada
    Creative Direction | Photography by: Dexter R. Jones
    © All Rights Reserved

    IG: sirdexrjones

  8. Can we as a black community acknowledge the mental bullying and mental abuse instill on young dark skin girls as they are growing up. can we acknowledge the bullying that goes in school by their peers and can we agree that all of these accumulate to many mental illness in dark skin women



    You had me until you said the outcome is mental illness in dark skinned black women

    You really don’t think depression, anxiety, self hate, and bleaching are not mental illness related? Ok.